Thursday, February 18, 2010


God can’t give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing."— C.S. Lewis

As I go about my days, some things are routine; shower, brushing teeth, cleaning of a room, working on the blog and some project. Others are those things I add for fun, education, Torah learning or to relax.
One of my projects is finishing up my quiet place. The spot I am creating just for that moment in the day I 'enough' and go away.
To pray. To read. To talk to HaShem.
Or just do nothing at all.
A Peaceful place.
It faces the window where I light a candle each night until my beloved comes home.
A peaceful place. There I like to place the Scriptures Mark gave me as a birthday gift one year. To meet with HaShem.
For it is in G-d that I as a woman, as a military wife, find my true peace.
In those stormy times when I'm not sure where my beloved is, or how he is doing, I go to HaShem. For Mark is in His Hands.
And knowing that, I find peace.
And joy.
In this place, I journal, writing all the funny things Mark has said over the phone. And when I feel low, read those words. Or read the cards and letters he has send me.
People will fail us, will let us down.
But G-d never fails.
And that is the place my soldier and I find our peace.

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