Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Again

I had a wonderful three weeks with my Montana family.
So much fun that I gained five pounds :)
So as I readjust to life here back home, it means stepping up my workout.
Of course I ate differently in Montana than I did at home.
But my doctor has no complains: she says my blood pressure is great and everyone gains alittle weigh during the winter months. The most important thing; the stress is off my face.
So I have been unpacking, putting away things, getting laundry together and picking up the house.
Today, I actually watched one of my favorite movies, The Chosen and finished an baby afghan. I should get it off in the mail in a few days.

Of course being home, I am also feeling how truly lonely I am. How much I really miss my big guy. To come home and find him not here, but still in Afghanistan.
He will be home this Spring.
Everyone tells me that Spring shall be here before I know it.
But right now, it feels like it is dragging its heeds.

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