Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mark's Favorite Salad

From Wednesday, February 27, 2008
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This is Mark's favorite salad. The beauty of this salad is it not only very good, but very filling and you can add whatever you like for your enjoyment.
A bed of Baby Spinch or Spring Greens (these have more flavor)
1 large tomato, thin slice.
1 small pearl or red onion, thin slice (I like both)
1 large cucumber, thin slice
1/2 red, yellow and orange peppers, thin slice
2 hard boiled eggs, thin slice
1 cup of feta cheese
1 cup of a mixture of red, green and black olives, whole or sliced.
2 cans of kippers, oil drained.
Greek salad dressing.

On a chilled platter layer it with the spinach. Then layer the veggies, cheese and kipper in the order that is laid out. You can replace the kippers with salman or tuna. Lavish your salald with Greek Salad dressing, then sprinkle a little Dill and then allow to chill for an old before serving.
Vary; If I use chicken, I do not use the cheese since this would be mixing dairy with meat.
Serve with a white or pink blush, or white grape juice. Also very good with Ice Mint tea.

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