Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mummie's Birthday

Sunday, February 24, 2008
9:33:23 PM EST
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In our family, birthdays are a big deal. A celebration.

Sometimes big and spalshy. Sometimes it is a quiet affair.
Either way, we take the whole month to celebrate the birth of our loved one and to thank G-d for the life of the one He has given to us as a gift of love. The idea was my mum's.
My younger sister's birthday begins about the beginning of April while my is close of June. Eileen's birthday would seen to fly by whereas there was always a build-up to mine. So, mummie came up with the idea for the whole month to be celebrated, that way it would be a special time for both of us. It has since become a family tradition.
This month, we celebrate the birthday of my mummie. Her 74th. Her best gift; her beloved son Mark's phone call from Iraq to wish her a Happy Birthday.

This afternoon, mummie, a dear friend Anne (she and her husband were one of the readers @ Mark and mine wedding) had Mummie's birthday lunch @ Azar's.
Azar's is a wonderful dinning experiernce. The food is natural, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian, cuisine. It has something for every one, the service very good. Owe and run by a wonderful Lebanese family that still attends the church Mark and I met at, and it was Azar's that catered our wedding. If you ever come to Norfolk, you have got to stop @ Azar's.
I chose Azar's because not only is the food awesome, but because it handicap and senior citzen friendly. Therefore, it would be easy for mummie to walk about with her cane. And there is no smoking @ Azar's. Family friendly, and the service is very good.
Ann and I have know each other almost 12 years. She was a big help to me when mummie had her stroke and they, being closer in age, began quick friends. So it was nice to spend the afternoon with two of my flavorite ladies. And I did take pictures.
The gifts were; a shower gel with the scent of olive oil and orange blossems. A room flesher that was french, not heavy, but held Spring in its can. I have the same in candle form. A Chocolate cup and spoon, with a matching plate, for hot coco of course. Mint and Ginger tea. And last, but not least....
Yes, Elf Soap. While it is used to encourage children to wash their hands, it is a cute little gift for the "woman who has everything."Mummie loved it. She loved each of her gifts as well as her lunch.

But I was the one truly blessed; to have this remarkable lady I call mummie.
In many of my entries, I made my mummie sound perfect. She isn't; she is a human being. Our relationship was a rocky one; personality the same, but with different outlooks and talents. My mum has confess she didn't often understand me and thus made mistakes.

But don't we all as mums and dads?
My mum did the best she could with what she knew to do. I don't believe in "Mommie Dearest" tales; recounting the horrors of our childhood, even if the tales are true. It doesn't bring honour to our parents. No, judgement rest with G-d alone. Our relationship was healed and has become the thing of beauty you see today because;
1.Mummie admitted her own errors and failings, asking my forgiveness. 2. As I grew up, I realize that mummie was a human being and realizing my on mistakes and errors, asked for forgiveness.
Thus, in the same way G-d loves us, extends grace and mercy to us, we must be willing to extend to others. It is that is the healing balm that heals all wounds, broken hearts and relationships.

I have been blessed to still have my mum after her stroke almost nine years ago. She has been my greatest supporter, my loudest cheerleader, bigggest critic as well as my friend and big sister in the faith.
I know she shall never read this but: I love you, Mummie.


natalie said...

Dear Mark and Elayne,
what a beautiful retelling of your mother's birthday last year!
My favorite part was when she wanted to hear Mark's voice!
thanks!How are you? are you still on AOL for email?

Mark and Elayne said...

We are doing well and yes, we are still on AOL. :)