Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Quiet Fouth

To all our readers; A very happy fourth of July.
Since it is Mark's second weekend home, we decided to make it a quiet one, a quiet celebration.
Frankly, being fresh from the warzone, the fireworks are just alittle much for Mark. They remind him of the bombs and bullets. He doesn't need that reminder.
So I am making pasta salad and grilling hot dogs, making Moroccan SunTea and enjoying these few days with my guy.
He returns to work Tuesday and the good news, he gets to come home in the evening. The army is just making sure hubby is ok because of the cancer years ago.
Once I am given the all clear sign, we are planning a cook-out to welcome Mark home. And then we take off for Mark's birthday/my birthday/ our wedding anniversary celebration.
But today, we celebrate this nation's birthday, our freedom.
And our being together.

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