Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home and Yet Not Home

A funny thing happens with deployments and reentries. Things you never hear about in the news, they don't tell you in the briefings (if they call you) is there could be a delay in your loved ones coming home.
In our case, Mark being a cancer survior, he had to enter a program to go through the whole Cancer screening before he could come home to me.
And because of several bolts of army red tape, it took three weeks after Mark was in the States for him to return to Virgina and enter into the program here.
So, he was home on a four day past, last weekend and starting Monday, he gets to come home in the evening. But it a strange twist, being that he is now on medical orders, he is still "gone."
Go figure.
I don't complain because I get to see him off in the monring and welcome back in the evening. And that is a good thing.
Once he is relaeased from these orders, Mark will be on Leave.
So until then, our travel plans are on hold.
But that's ok.
Because I'm back in his strong arms again, hearing the beat of his heart.
He's almost home.

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