Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loose Lips, Sink Ships

He swore to protect this country... I swore to protect his heart"....We never get used to it, we just get through it" "combat boots + flip flops=Love

when I started this blog, it was to help see me through the rough times of Mark's deployment. A way for Mark to be able from time to time to share what he could about what his life in the field was like. A way for folks at home to send messages of love to him, those messages he could read if and when he could get online.
We both made mistakes: gave out bits of imformation at time when we should not have. As I learned more about being an army wife, I began taking more care of what I did and did not share.
We do not share the date of a unit's leaving or returning. You never write about a unit moving. In the field is one thing: where that field is- a no-no.
I watch the pictures I post. If another soldier is included, I make sure their name and naything that would give away the unit is not seen.
We don't share where the unit is stated, if there are injuries or death, never wraite about it until after the families are contacted. That is why there is often a news blackout.
There is quite a bit more. The reason: to protect the troops.
People don't realize that the enemy also reads and what we as spouses, as military folk could endanger our loved ones in the fields.
Often I am asked when is he coming home and when some folks get mad because I don't answer. Not because of some deep, dark secret, but because until he is released from present orders, he is a soldier on the move.

And I want him and all our loved ones home in one piece.

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