Sunday, November 8, 2009

Your Son, Your Friends, Your Husband, The Killers

This is a follow up from yesterday's entry.
You know your an army wife when: your husband comes home with a army t-shirt....for you.
We had been married several months and it was his first drill weekend. Because the unit was so close, he could come home Saturday evening and return to Base the next morning.
That Sunday, Mark handed a black t-shirt. Not one of  his old PT's, but a brand new tee from the Base.
It said on the back in big, bold yellow letters: Freedom is Not Free.
Four and a half years later, I still wear it with pride.
I remember the evening well; the War on Terror had just begun. My beloved son was serving on the U.S.S Abe Linclon. He was on ship when the first shots were fired off.
He came home the same week Mr.Bush made his appearance on the Abe.
That night I was part of an online discussion about the War, when I recived an e-mail. The person was unknown. But that evening I had been recieving e-mail thanking me for raising an amercian hero, asking me to thank him for his service, G-d bless him and our family, etc.
It was this e-mail that knocked back on my heels.
Someone send me pictures of what the bombs off the Lincolen had done; pictures of dead and dying Iraqi men, women and children, people with limbs blown off and blinded.
"Look at what your son has done. Are you still proud?"
"Look at what your best friend is doing. Are you still proud?"
It took several minutes to regroup and then I wrote the person back the following: "and what about Sdaam? He did this and far worse to his own people. Do you have a better way of dealing with Sadaam? With those who are out to not only destroy this nation, but all other nations because they don't like our "Westeran Way of Life? If you have a better way of handling this, why don't you write Mr.Bush. I am sure he would be open to the idea of not losing any mairnes,soldiers, saildors or airmen."
We deal with enough with our loved ones in harm's way.
We don't need to make ourselves targets as well.


That corgi :) said...

your last line said it so well, Laini. We don't need to make ourselves targets and we do need to protect our country and protect others who lived in tyranny for too long

I am glad, as I have said countless times, that there are people willing to go and serve like Mark and your son do


Lori said...

I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You shouldn't have to put up with comments like that.