Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love From.....?

One of the questions that often comes up amoung military families, both actived and retired, is how much Military proud should we show?
No doult you have seen them; you might even be one...
The proud Vet who's car and/or van is covered in Military bummer stickers, plates, sayings, flags, ribbons. Once while shopping at the NEX (Navy ExChange) I spotted a bummer sticker that read; 'Sexually Deprived for Your Freedom.'
Ani't the truth. Yes, I know, for some that was WAAAAY TOO MUCH IMFORATION.
But let's get real (Reel); there is a LOT we military spouses sacrific.
Then there are the Oneses the wee ones wear; "My daddy's/ mommy's in Iraq (Aghanistan).
There are sites that sell decals and stickers declaring "Proud Navy Wife" "Proud Marine Dad" "I (heart) My Soldier,etc, This includes ball caps, jewelery,key chains, teddy bears. My favorite "Half my heart is in Iraq or Afghanistan.' The yellow ribs in our hair, on our doors, on the car window.
The debate?  If any or all of the above is a loving tribute, a means of support or if the above makes us stalker's bait. Or worse; the target's of those who oppose the War. While such attacks are rare, it does happen. More than likely, what happens is ugly comments about our deployed loved ones or trying to draw us into an arugement about the War, our policies, etc.
The question is; how much attention do we really wish to call to ourselves?
That is when wisdom muct come in.
Not don't get me worse, I have a t-shirt with the logo of Mark's unit that I wear, along with a hat from his last deployment. I do have several army themed t-shirts as well as my Spouse's buttom.
But I also believe that we must be as "innocent as Doves and as wise as Serpents." While we can't walk about sharing everything about our lives (that isn't wise whether your military family or no) nor should we live in fear and jump at every shadow.
Each family must decide what is bested for them, where to draw those lines. And thanks in part to Family Readiness Groups (F.R.G) we have been guideslines that are wise and balance as well as fun.
There is nothing wrong with being proud of our heroes; we just need to be wise about it.


That corgi :) said...

I think everyone needs to find the right balance that works for them, Laini. What works for you might not work for a military wife in Maine and vice versa. But I think people should have the choice to do how much or how little they want and no one should criticize them for either choice


Mark and Elayne said...

While that is very true, one of things that we have been made aware of in our famliy readiness meetings, we are just as much of a traget as our soldiers. And we must be more careful than ever.