Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sometimes We Forget

Sometimes, we forget the good the men and women of our armed service do. Sometimes we forget the Footballs they hand out to children so they can play ball. We forget the candy they give little ones or the schools they help to build. We forget the wells they have overseer dug so that a village may enjoy fresh water. We forget the aid they are now bringing in the form of Clinics.
I remember when Mark was deployed, one of the projects he began was the building of a clinic so that not only were the villagers were treated, but a Vet was brought to take care of the village's animals. We forget the hope they have brought to so many.
What good have we done?
Ask the mother of a little girl that a soldier saved from being hit by a truck. And in doing so, he himself was struck and killed, leaving small children of his own behind.
Ask the man who's goat was treated by an army Vet and is healthy once again, able to provide milk to the family once again.
Every once in a while, I like to go through pictures of Mark's various deployments, so that I don't forget.

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