Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prayers For Our Mothers and Fathers

I saw this picture about ten minutes ago, and was moved to write the following:
You raised your son to always strive to do his best.
You raised you daughter to be proud of her nation.
You taught him stand and take of his hat when the Flag passed by.
You taught her how to place her hand over her heart in respect.
He grew up to be the finest of young men.
She grew up to be loveliest of young women.
Their future bright, they could have chosen any other path.
They chose to serve and protect their nation.
Today you lay your little boy to rest.
Today you kiss your baby girl goodbye.
Not just another warrior who laid down their land for the nation,.
This was your son, your daughter.
Your child.
And the thing that hurts more than kissing the top of their coffin, washing the wood with your tears,
is knowing there are men and women who could care less, even rejoice in their deaths.
as your baby's blood was shed for that this land shall remain free.

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