Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still Snowing

It started snowing once again here in Montana.
It is both beautiful and cold.
Wonderful day for working on the laptop and Mark's quilt.
Uncle Jim downloaded a copy of the Tanank onto my laptop, both english and hebrew, a great help as I learn hebrew and study Torah.
I miss Mark, but the pain is eased by being around family, of sharing Mark stories and knowing they are here for me, to listen, to make me laugh.
Working on Mark's quilt has helped me center, to find that peaceful place where my forcus isn't on the dangers my beloved could be facing, but on the project before me, picturing the expression upon Mark's face when he sees it for the first time, what it will look like on our bed.
And one day, G-d willing, our children snuggled under its warmth.

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