Monday, January 25, 2010

Preparing to go Home

I am still enjoying my time here in Montana.
Sunday, I return home.
I will be working o Mark's quilt until Thrusday and then will mail it home with a few other things.
I picked up some things here in Montana and will send them in a Carepackage along with letters from the family.
I know that he will love to get a package from Montana; the first several years of his life was spead here.
We are making plans to come and visit this this Spring and then visit my sister and her family in Bostan.
Each time I speak to Mark now, he mentions how much he is looking forward to coming home, to our being together, even if it is only a few weeks.
Already, I am working on ideas for a homecoming. Since he returns the week after Valentine's Day, I am planning to decorate the home with that theme, including red rose petals.
So we are both looking forward to going home; me to prepae for my beloved.
Mark returning to me.

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