Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where I am Today

Well it has been a few months since I'd last written.
It's this thing called Life :)
Mark came home for two weeks in April and we were blessed to celebrate Passover together.
Two days before he returned to Iraq, however, we were involved in a serious car accident and I didn't realize how badly I was injuried until after Mark's return.
By the grace of G-d, with pain medication and PT, my back healed. And with it I learned who were my 'real friends' were.
In June, we learned a dear friend was getting married and I had the joy of helping with the wedding.
Mark made it home for Howard's wedding.
Since then, Mark has adjusted to life back in the States and home with his wife. He did better with rentry this time because he had a wife and home to come to.
And what did I learn? I relearned how to run a house without my husband being home. Once again I paid bills, did small repairs and even enjoyed going out for coffee or shopping with friends. I enjoyed times of worship and catching up on reading I hadn't done while Mark wasn't home.
We grew closer as a couple due the deployment, it strenghten us as individuals and as a married couple.
It was hard, many lonely nights. But in that loneliness, I drew closer to G-d.
And Mark.
Being an Army wife is not for the faint of heart.
But the love of the guy makes it worth it.

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